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Allotment Policy

A teacher registering a school that has a scheduled choir (curricular or extra-curricular), allotments will be based on the number of students in that ensemble. Allotments will be determined on the following formula: Each registered school (not each registered teacher) automatically gets 2 student participants for registering on time, Executive Board members get an additional allotment.  For each ensemble that has participation greater than 50 members an additional allotment is given for each 50 members (100 would get 2 extra, 150 would get 3, etc.).  If there is not a scheduled ensemble within the school (curricular or extra-curricular) your maximum allotment will be two participants.  Additional allotments are disbursed based on date of receipt of teacher registration form and are given to those teachers who mark the “unused/returned allotments” box on the bottom of the form.  Allotments for late registrations and extenuating circumstances will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the co-chair of the WVASCC.


Click here for a PDF document of the WVASCC Bylaws

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