The West Virginia All-State Children's Chorus is a choral organization that functions as part of the West Virginia Music Educator's Association (WVMEA), which is a state affiliate of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME).

Music educators who teach in West Virginia, are active members of NAfME and WVMEA, and teach choral music in grades 4-6 are eligible for participation in the WVASCC.  More information about registration is available by clicking on the "Conference Information" tab.


Class of 2022

Vera Miller Public Relations Chair - michael.a.murphy@k12.wv.us

Kelly Childers Data Chair-kchilders@k12.wv.us

Jennifer Mattern, Secretary - jen.mattern@k12.wv.us

Sheri Tadlock Treasurer-sltmusic@yahoo.com

Michelle Morgan - ammorgan@k12.wv.us

Class of 2022

Sheri Tadlock, Treasurer - sltmusic@yahoo.com

Dwayne Russell, Immediate Past Data Chair - tubadwayne@gmail.com

Anna Carpenter - amcarpenter@k12.wv.us

Kayla Medlen - kayla.massie@k12.wv.us

Laura Campbell - laura.campbell@k12.wv.us

Carrie Leib - carrie.george@k12.wv.us

Amanda Licea - slicea@k12.wv.us

Carrie Neese - cneese@k12.wv.us

Danielle Taylor - dtaylor@k12.wv.us

Kathy Fox-